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Welcome to Unishipping Logistics Services CO., LTD.

Unishipping Logistics has been in the business for over 5 years and staffs more than 20 employees. We are one of the most experiential in freight forwarding co. in Ningbo with an abundance of internal resources including our own trucking fleet, A FCL warehouse of 40,000m2, in-house customs broker , and our overseas trading co. In addition we have our own air express shipping contracts with DHL, UPS, and TNT, handling on avg. 15 tons/month of air cargo, ave. 1,500/cbm of LCL freight in Ningbo, and export 1,000 teus/month of ocean freight.
Unishipping Logistics is a major player in the Freight Forwarding Industry in Zhejiang China, almost every factory or foreign trade co. in Ningbo knows who we are. Our many years of experience have raised our professional expectations. Achieving our companyí»s goals have broadened our market focus and attracted many new clients.  
Today, as international trade continues to increase and communication technologies are bringing suppliers and consumers throughout the world closer together, it is progressively important for Unishipping to transport your goods as efficiently and economically as possible in order for us and our customs to maintain a competitive advantage. Whether you need these goods next month, next week or yesterday we will satisfy your needs.
By maintaining lasting and productive business relationships, we ensure our mutual well-being. Our clients expect timely and cost-effective services; our associates and suppliers seek maximum exposure of their products; our partners look for trust and long term relationships; and our employees desire work fulfillment. Meeting these needs requires continual effort and dedication. We believe that by constantly striving for superior standards, we will be the best in our business

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